Tuesday, 9 July 2013

British Comic Awards 2013 - Judging Panel Announced

As part of the BCA committee I am currently drowning in British comics at the moment. Don't get me wrong, this is no bad thing and its forcing me to read comics that I may not have encountered otherwise so I'm actually as happy as a pig in an organic free range orchard! (Reading that back I have no idea what that means). Anyway, the job of the committee is to read all the British comics we can and then decide on a short list which we hand over to the judges. The only exception is the shortlist for The Young People's Comic Award, which we quite appropriately hand over to a group of schools to judge.
The short list will be announced shortly after the deadlines of July 31st (Young People's Award) and August 30th (The other awards).

So who are the judges and why how were they chosen? Here's the official announcement:

We are genuinely delighted to finally announce this year’s Judging Panel for the British Comic Awards 2013.
The Judges are (in alphabetical order):
Gareth David (lyricist and singer in the band Los Campesinos!),
Lenny Henry (actor, writer and comedian),
Stephen L Holland (co-owner and manager of Page 45 comic shop),
Jamillah Knowles (writer and broadcaster),
Graham Linehan (comedy writer and director),
Josie Long (comedian, writer and actress)
Sarah McIntyre (cartoonist and children’s book illustrator).
Full bios can be found on the Judges page.
The Judges were selected by the BCA Committee and chosen for their interest or involvement in comics and for their ability to view the medium critically as works of art and entertainment from their point of view as successful professionals in their respective creative fields.
We’d like to welcome all the Judges to the British Comic Awards, thank them for donating their time so generously and wish them luck in the unenviable task of selecting a winner from what is shaping up to be a very, very strong shortlist.

If you want to nominate a comic then head over to the BCA website to see the criteria for doing so and then pop the 23rd of November into your diary, the date when the award ceremony will be taking place as part of the Thought Bubble Comic Festival

If you want a taste of the comics that I've been reading then head over to my Pinterest page where I'm attempting to pin every comic I'm reading this year. I'm already behind in this so it won't be comprehensive but you'll get a flavour for it.

Happy reading folks

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