Monday, 5 January 2015

Let me entertain....I mean, teach you
As many know I teach at the City Lit which is a huge adult learning college. I teach an introduction to acting course and a sequel to it called, funnily enough, Intro to Acting 2.  I also teach a podcasting course, and 3 variations of twitter class (basic,for education professionals and small business).

If any of you are debating doing any of my classes, I thought I would put up some of my feedback  from the last term to spur you into action or possibly leave you screaming as you run in the opposite direction.

Introduction to Acting

  • fun enable activities, good direction, felt like i earned a lot
  • The atmosphere was perfect for learning and being comfortable I found the direct specific feedback really helpful
  • David is supportive and engaging especially when coaching and giving feedback
  • encouraging and supportive atmosphere created by the tutor
  • the course is very interactive and in a safe environment
  • the tutor, positive atmosphere, each lessons is different,- great structure
  • the teacher was brilliant, al the activities felt structured and helped us to learn. 

Introduction to Acting 2

  • Just a brilliant way to spend each saturday, Learned a lot about acting and myself in the process
  • Fantastic teaching, great examples, numerous opportunities to perform and learn
  • The excellent teaching, supportive & encouraging atmosphere and the sense of achievement at the end
  • It has really helped my presentations at work
  • A very good grounding. Good use of humour and lots of examples to bring into life


  • The teacher was excellent and the approach at the right level. 
  • Accessible and interesting


  • A really good course, great teacher, very informative & engaging. Would highly recommend
  • Perfect overview of twitter

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