Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Feedback from my 1 day Introduction to Acting course

So I've just finished processing the feedback forms from my last course. 17 out of 17 students rated it Excellent and in an effort to encourage you all to come sign up I present a sample of the answers to the question: Tell us what was good about the teaching on your course -

Interctive inspiring Fun

Practical and participative

Easy to understand
Engaging teaching methods
Thought David was brilliant and would like to do another of his courses

…really enjoyable, felt I learned a lot

David was very energetic and passionate. He provided the right environment for everyone to participate. He made the course work

Tutor inspired the building of confidence as the day developed and felt more able & willing to give it a go

Davids enthusiasm and the structure of the course material; lots of challenging fun and exercises

Teachers energy, positivity and encouragement

Very enthusiastic, creative and fun from start to finish. Everyone felt involved and took part in all activities

I learnt a lot today and really enjoyed myself

...great insight into acting

If it makes you feel like a challenge and getting out of your comfort zone then check out the citylit website and search for drama section for introduction courses -

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Four Things I celebrated in Jamaica

I just returned from Jamaica with my family after having a wonderful, chilled time.

I have celebrated the following things.

1) I renewed my Jamaican citizenship and passport. I am now have dual citizenship again.

2) 2 years since my father died. We paid respects by laying a headstone on his grave. The funniest/weirdest thing that happened that day was Alannah getting out of the car and going straight to my fathers grave and sitting on it.

3) 3 Years of marriage.  We celebrated this with my mother and my niece at a place called Jack Spratts on Treasure Beach on the South Coast.  Jack Spratts is on a beautiful bit of coast, has a sumptuous menu (you can tell its good by the amount of locals that eat there. I had Escovitched red Snapper and Siobhan had a Fully Loaded pizza - which included jerk sausgae.  The food was good, the price was good and the day was lovely

Our last day was spent at YS Falls, which in my opinion is one of the most wonderful places in Jamaica, you must check it out - YS Falls

Many thanks to my Mother, my neice Sandy, my cousin Emprezz and her husband Steven and son Kush, to Reecy McDonald and to Almeida Hewitt and Talmadge Kearns for making this such a good time.

4) And finally I celebrated 15 years of Dreadlocks... by getting rid of them.  Here is the story of their last few minutes.  I will be doing a further post later detailing why it was necessary to get rid of them.