Monday 14 April 2008

Diary of the Strange #1 - Computer Love

Well its not as much strange as it is bloody annoying and its not so much Computer Love as it is Hate inspired by menatl bewidlerment.

So here's how it goes.

  • I'm doing some computery stuff and just as I'm thinking I really ought to back up my emails, my hard drive starts making a clanking sound and dies a horrible death. Now there is a slim chance that I can save my un backed up data so I call in a IT professional to check it out. "Nope", he says "your gonna need a new drive and the data is unsalvageable". Fair enough...annoying but fair enough.

  • I decide to buy a SATA drive, why because they are meant to be quicker, quieter and above all...Cheaper.

  • It turns out that in order to install a SATA drive you need to first install a driver from a...wait for it.....a floppy drive. Once I remembered what one of those was I set to work making the floppy. But for some reason I couldn't get it to work so after days of reading forums online and genuine frustration I call in an IT professional.

  • Said IT pro goes to work and points out that the instructions I was given to connect the drive was wrong, then that my floppy drive was unconnectted. He connects it.....and then FIRE ..actual real fire comes out of my computer.

  • Eventually we sort everything and its all good....

  • .....until I get a majopr league virus

  • Thanks to a very kind IT security professional in Australia that helps me out online I sort that program.

  • Everything goes fine for a day and then...blammy..Windows decides it cant start because its missing a vital dll

  • I'm gonna have to call in that IT professional again at which point I could have actually bought a brand new laptop with the money I've spent.

  • I think I want to the very least posting the pic below will make me feel a bit better

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kafraco said...

Sorry to hear about your problems, David. Hopefully once you get them sorted out, you can get started on your books. In the meantime, Google Docs is a great way to save things online. That's where I store most of the chapters for my ongoing Mosai City project.