Tuesday 7 February 2017

Understanding Babyloss Conference Pt1 - The journey - an epic saga

On Friday my family and I set out to attend the Understanding Baby Loss and Bereavement Support Conference organised by the University of Bradford Midwifery Society and Our Angels charity.

We didn't get very far. The car broke down! I won’t tell you why for the sake of preventing me from looking like a complete and utter numpty.

The pitiful sight of my car being lifted onto the AA truck
An hour after it broke down my mother in law had turned up to rescue Siobhan and the girls and I spent another 3 hours freezing my ass of waiting for the AA

Once the car had been safely brought home, I sat in bed and booked a train for myself for Bradford reluctantly realising that I’d have to go it alone.

2 hours sleep and I was off. I made the train with 2 min to spare which was fine but realised I’d forgotten my wallet - so no breakfast for me. Then the train was detoured and I missed my connection at York meaning I had to get another train to Leeds but that was delayed because of a woman who wouldn’t wake up on the train. 

Eventually I got to Bradford and was about to hop in a cab when I realised that without my wallet, I had no access to money and therefore i was on foot.

No problem, I got the map up on my phone which informed me it was only a 20m walk across Bradford. Then my phone which had 30% charge decided to mysteriously die leaving me stranded as I had not memorised the route.

However, feeling particularly clever I reasoned that as the phone still had actual charge, I just needed to find a way to start it. The cable I had been using to charge the phone on the train MUST contain a residual amount of energy which might be enough to jump start it. 

It was a strange sight. A man in a Dr Who scarf in the middle of Bradford holding an actual iPhone plug in the air, a plug actually connected to a cable, actually connected to a phone.

Could this possibly work?

Find out in part 2…..later today

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