Monday 1 September 2008

Edinburgh Round Up

So its all done and seeing as how my earliest night for the last month was 4am, I'm in a serious recovery period.

I gotta say I have loved the hell out of the last month,socially as well as artistically; but I am so glad to have my own bed and bathroom back although it all feels a little too quiet right now.

Shows I Saw

A Love In Dream

This was a Korean show ( and there was a heavy Korean prescence at the fringe for some reason)about a woman who lost the love of her life and crosses the border between sanity and madness. It was a very physical and musical performance and not hampered by the fact that it was in Korean. I loved this and was genuienly moved by it. If you ever get to see Modl Theatre in action, they are highly recommended.

I met Marianne and Esther on the mile and they tried various means of flattery to get me to come and see their show - P45;s in the post. I was a bit dubious but the flattery worked and I gotta say I really enjoyed this. It was a comedy about 2 girls friendships and life journey together and was a lot more intersting and funny than it sounds. I especially liked the way they blended it with film sequences and projection. I thought this would make a great sitcom and I'm looking out for these girls. I expect to see them on the screen one day.

At this point I wanna give a shout out to my little friend Megan, who I decided was probably the cutest thing on the mile.

Much kudos go to the Ratpack. These guys were in our theatre immeadiately before us so I never got to see their show. However on the penultimate night there was a party in a local club at which they were playing. Now I love that nig band jazz sound but these guys were amazing especially considering their youthfulness. They knocked it out the park. And the girls - I fell in love with them all a little bit after that performance.

Random Image 1 - Michelle doing publicity...bless her.

Random Image 2 - Sarah and Jess......drunk

So I'm back now and trying to work out little things sleeping patterns and how I'm gonna eat without money...that sort of thing.

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