Thursday 18 September 2008

It's time for....opera

Some of you may know that I am directing an opera. The first question that comes to your mind is.."David, what do you know about opera". Well as it happens...nothing. So why then am I directing. The producers wanted to bring a level of performance to an opera that will make it more palatable to a theatre audience. And again you're wondewring so why have they got you involved. the answer is simply, because I am brilliant.

However despite assurance of my brilliance I was full of nerves on my way to the first rehearsal. This is the first time I'm directing opera, more than that it's in Italian..a language I don't speak. I've never directed singers before, most of whom have never 'acted' so to speak.

Will I succeed in my task. The best way to find out is to come see Orfeo ed Eurydice at Jackson's Lane Theatre, Highgate, on October the 14th or 15th

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Unknown said...

fucking impressive, man! my first professional gig in NYC was "Mathis Der Maler" and then "Turandot" with The New York City Opera. you are right. it's a totally different world. opera singers tend to not be actors. though, there are a few that are and that really sells it more for me.

not sure if your show will have this, but in most operas there are 2 casts of leads as they cant sing like that more than twice a week or so. 2 girls (1 russian, 1 amerian)played "Liu" in "Turandot". the climactic scene where she grabs a dagger from a nearby soldier. whoa. the russian girl was amazing. she leapt for that dagger and her death was so touching. the american girl was so stiff and just relied on her voice. lame.

that indeed will be a challenge getting folks to act that are used to just using their voice. hopefully, you'll have some actors amidst the cast.

good luck and i cant wait to hear about the results.

p.s. remind me to tell you another great story how one of the sopranos used to "get open her vocal chords" with various stagehands/chorus men/etc...uh....orally.