Thursday 8 May 2014

Beautiful Dreamer

Our darling daughter Grace Dinah Monteith came into the world at ten minutes past midnight on the 3rd of May weighing 9lb 2oz (4.1 kilos). Unfortunately due to an incredibly rare accident in the womb she was already with the angels. She had died on the Friday morning. But she is beautiful and she is perfect. She is our beautiful dreamer and we miss her.

When she was born it became clear that when the waters broke some of the membranes of the amniotic sac had wound themselves
around the umbilical cord, unfortunately cutting off her blood supply. This phenomenon is known as amniotic banding. It affects 1 in 1200 births but the fatal way in which it affected us is almost unheard of.

My brave,brave strong beautiful wife demanded she be born with Grace and Dignity which is how we chose her name. Siobhan delivered her with such strength and fire and determination. Due to complications with placenta she then fought for another 4 hours before she could rest. I have never been more in awe of and in love with my wife.

The midwives and doctors at Queen Elizabeth Hospital have our eternal gratitude for the way in which they supported us. They enabled is to have the birth we wanted despite the circumstances. Our friends and family have been so invaluable. Special thanks to Our Doula Mars Lord , my brother Peter Hewit , Christiane Edel and Christof, Hople Thane and Mandla, Omi ( Helen Mountain) and Pops, and we want to give so much love to our aupair Laure Vlt who didn't sign up for this but has been wonderful.

Alannah has met her little sister and is being typically toddler like keeping us focused in the present in a life affirming way.

We are broken right now and trying to cling to the wise words of Father Christian from Siobhan's church that in our grief we should not give up on the joy of life. They can co-exist but if our sorrow negates our joy then that does not honour the memory of our little girl.

For the entirety of Grace's short life she made her presence known in no uncertain terms, she was so vital and we miss what she was going to be.

We would like you to do us 2 favours today.
First hug someone you love today especially if you have children.
Secondly take a moment to listen to this song. It is what I sang to my daughter as I held her newly born body in my arms and begged her to breathe for me or open her eyes hoping it was all some kind of dream.

We miss our daughter, our Grace, our beautiful dreamer

David and Siobhan

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Unknown said...

Heart breaking, sad but at the same time very gracefull... keep strong dear David and your beautiful and strong brave wife.