Tuesday 19 August 2008

American Dad

So the mile is a mile long road on which many street performers do their thing. During the festival it is also overrun with performers promoting and flyering for their shows, so it becomes increasingly difficult to find new ways to persuade people to take your flyers.

I have settled on singing amongst other things, such as complimenting women. Now bear in mind that this is a street with a multitude of performers on it one must expect the unexpected.

However....a family is walking past and i start to sing to a girl while reaching for a flyer. i'm singing - "By the look in your eye, I can tell your gonna cry is it over me..." I convert the next line into somethig that results in the need for the targetted person to take a flyer; But before I can get there American Dad barges me in the chest and drawls "Get Lost Pal".

Seriously, there are ways and ways to deal with stuff, here's a suggestion.
1) Smile and think 'those crazy performers'
2) Take a flyer
3) Say "I'm sorry, We are not interested"
4) Ignore me
5) Here's a good one - Teach your daughter how to stand up for herself

I swear these people are gonna give me anger issues

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