Saturday 16 August 2008

Silent Disco

The picture is myself and the wonderful Julia, she's hardcore! Everyone else in the cast had gone home after the show and we were the only two that wanted to go out. So Julia suggested we go to the Silent Disco. The more perceptive of you may have noticed that in the picture both Julia and I are wearing headphones. Its that very thing that made this one of the most bizarre clubbing experiences of my life.

The concept is that when you go in you pay a £5 deposit for a pair of wireless headphones with 2 channels on it. The venue has 2 dj's that are transmitting to their repsective channels so if you don't like what one dj is playing you can switch to the other one.

It was all good until I noticed that Julia and I were dancing seriously out of time to each other, and we realised we were listening to different channels. Its a weird experience when you take the headphones of and your in a club that is relatively quiet apart from the odd few people singing out of time, out of tune and with little knowledge of the words to a song that you cant hear. At least it makes it a lot easier to chat people up.

The funniest part of the night for me was when a fire alarm went of but no one could hear it because they were wearing the headphones. We spent 15m outsides having a laugh with the other clubbers and then back in. Julia went slightly mad and our half an hour of clubbing turned into a night that ended at 4am discussing theatre with a bloke called Will whilst eating crepes (I had bannana and nutella - oh yea baby!)

A good night which could only have been improved by a consistently better music choice (I really didn't like the techno song that kept going on about penis) and a snog with Monica Belluci.

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