Tuesday 12 August 2008

Samurai Spirit

It's probably because I've just finished reading the 28 volume manga series Lone Wolf and Cub ( a Samurai drama set in Japan during the Edo period) that what happened today at the festival excited me so much.

I went to see the acting group of sword fighting specialist Kamui doing a show called Samurai Spirit. The exciting thing about this ****WARNING GEEK MOMENT APPROACHING***** is that it was directed and starred Tetsuro Shimaguchi who not only was the lead member of the Crazy 88

Let me tell you people this show started good and finished excellent and my major aformentioned excitement came from the fact that I actually recognised some of the moves from Lone Wolf and Cub and was anticipating some of their responces. My one regret was that when they got someone out of the audience to do some moves as that it wasn't me...I could've kicked it man!

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