Sunday 17 August 2008

Loving it ......

Man I'm loving this festival. Had a grreeeaaatttt show then went out with some of the cast. Around 4am everyone starts heading home...but guess what...I'm not ready for that. Louisa one of the casts friend isn't either, so turning our backs on the crowd we head for The Gilded Balloon, to grab some drinks at the Library Bar. Apparently though, it turns out you can't get in without a performers pass after 4 and mine was left at home. So after some serious blagging we get in and hook up with the aforementioned cast of Funk It Up About Nothing and a grand old time was had by all; although I had to inform a girl, who shall remain nameless, that its not the done thing to talk about me when she's in bed with her man!!!

So it hits 5 and I decide to walk Louisa home and on the way we discover a really talented singer playing a medley of hits on his guitar....Its freaking 5:30 in the moening and there's a crowd around this guy singing and dancing.....where else in the world man!!! Of course the police shut him down eventually...
but you know what I'm loving this city.

This is me and Louisa as dawn is gracing the sky. And this is the view of the castle on my way home through the Meadows at 6:30am.

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